Another stand out feature of the DT1990 Pro is its replaceable velour ear pads, which lets you switch from a well balanced sound, to a more mixing friendly sound. It all depends on how you plan on using your headphones. The HD600 has been a favorite among mastering engineers worldwide. The sound isolation that closed back headphones provide makes them a good choice for musicians or podcasters when recording because sound can’t leak out of the headphones and get picked up by a microphone. I hope you found this article about open back vs closed back headphones for mixing or recording helpful. So, in my opinion, the best headphones for mixing would be the open back headphones but that’s only if you’re listening in a quiet room and you don’t mind other people hearing what you’re listening to. If you are just starting your home studio then I would recommend getting a pair of good closed-back headphones. It is also sought after for its versatility, thanks to its replaceable ear pad design which subtly changes the sound. Allowed HTML tags: