The good news is, we’ve tested tons of these increasingly popular true welding schools, and found the best of the best. Their Welder Fitter course is their primary career-level program and requires 900 hours to complete. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A. S. in welding technology, or a B. S. in welding engineering technology: both have seriously high teaching standards. You’ll get hands-on training in several different types of ARC welding including flux core, gas tungsten, gas metal, and shielded metal ARC welding. That means that welders will be in high demand. Top Schools For Welding Technology. Their certifications are accredited by the American Welding Society, so your time is well spent knowing that future employers will look on your certifications with the respect deserved of an AWS accredited graduate. But you’ll still want to take things further and get a certification from the AWS if you want to really make the most of your career, and they don’t offer it at this school. This can be a great stepping stone to help you to land one of the best jobs in the welding industry. With welding education, you could have a career as an assembler, manufacturing welding technician, a welding inspector, in robotics repair and maintenance, technical sales, or one of many other specialized welding areas. This is your chance to start doing something that could bring you more stability and prosperity well into the future. Parkersburg, West Virginia Hobart Institute of Welding Technology, Welding Technology Training Program from UTI, Underwater Wet Welding Methods: 3 Steps to Success, Underwater Welding Battle: A Fight for Each Day, Diving Insurance for the Business Owner: Types & Consequences, How Waterproof Electrodes Changed Our World: Wet Welding History, 3 Types of Marine Structures & How They Shape the Industry. The course is 36 weeks from beginning to end and includes comprehensive training developed with Lincoln Electric. Alexandria, Louisiana The rest of the time, you’ll be learning from experienced professionals while performing the welds yourself in a controlled environment. We aim to provide authentic and easy to read welding information to all aspiring people across the world. A career in welding can be quite rewarding. Our efforts consist of welding schools, programs, certification, test, handbooks, publications, jobs, … Either certificate will prepare you with hands-on learning for a career in welding, but if you get the AAS, you’ll be prepared to pass the exams and earn certifications for welder performance qualifications through the AWS, ASME, and the API, or as an AWS certified welding inspector. Tulsa Welding School – The Best Welding School in USA for solid bachelor welding programs The Combination Welding program is a bit shorter, 740 hours, and doesn’t include some things like blueprint reading and pipe fitting. However, if you already work at West Virginia University and it’s likely that you’ll be involved with welding, then you can take their short welding and hot works course, which will teach you all the skills you need for your job. Email: [email protected]. Small class sizes with a low student-to-teacher ratio ensure that you’ll get plenty of personalized instruction to help you improve at a fast rate. Email: [email protected]. When you complete your course, you’ll get a graduation certificate that carries Lincoln’s respected reputation. Email: [email protected]. Top 15 Welding Schools. Like any trade, welding requires a period of training to ensure that workers know how to use tools safely and effectively. Tel: 1-800-278-9855. Tel: 570-326-3761. They’re known for producing high-quality welding equipment, but that’s not all they do in the field. Nevertheless, the standard of teaching is extremely high, even for guest students, homeschoolers or students who wish to undertake distance learning. Email: [email protected]. This school offers the largest welding engineering technology program in the country, which teaches impressively complex theory and skills. Tel: 231-591-2000. With a host of accreditations including the U.S. Department of Education, the Elite Welding Academy will prepare you for a career in commercial, industrial, and/or manufacturing industries. The American Welding Society pretty much sets the benchmarks for everything to do with welding and its appropriate standards. Both programs will earn you a certificate of completion. American Welding Society. Tel: 229-430-3500. We are reader-supported: If you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. They offer a variety of programs and certifications, depending on what you want to study and what industry you’d like to pursue a career in. Lone Star College System Welding Technology You have the option of three different welding programs to choose from, depending on how much time you want to invest in your education. There are many different schools you could attend to learn the art of welding. Tel: 1-888-272-3809. During this time, you’ll complete around 1,000 hours of training, which is more than enough to equip you with all the skills you’ll need. Miami, Florida Tel: 800-443-9353. Tel: 800-443-9353. However, what you might not be aware of is that they don’t just make welding equipment – they also have an entire school dedicated to training. Top 5 Welding Schools in Michigan Mid-Michigan College. The Hobart Institute of Welding Technology is their welding school that has over 80 years of experience teaching welding. To get a full diploma in welding and joining tech will require 54 semester credit hours and it will cover different types of ARC welding, plasma cutting, blueprint reading, and more. Their class sizes are small, with a ratio of twelve students per tutor, meaning that you can get really personal guidance based on your own individual progress. Tel: 1-888-272-3809. Offering eight standard courses and advanced courses in welding, The Lincoln Electric Welding School is a specialty school that deals only with welding and will prepare you for a successful career in the field. WSU Tech has an accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission, and their welding programs also carry the American Welding Society accreditation which will help you find employment in the welding industry. Their course usually takes 40 weeks to complete so it isn’t a cheap option or a quick fix, but you are guaranteed a high teaching standard for your efforts. Your email address will not be published. With over 488,000 projected job openings in the field by 2028, welding is a career with plenty of opportunities for employment and it just keeps growing. Only well-trained and highly qualified instructors will be teaching you here, and you’ll get plenty of supervised, hands-on training while you’re here. In this case, South Seattle College have paired up with Vigor Industrial Shipyards to give you hands-on, real-life experience of diagnosing problems and welding safely in a genuine shipyard environment – which is the kind of experience that a classroom can never teach! With eight different campuses that offer welding technology training, Lincoln Tech is one of the more convenient schools to get your welding education from. Tulsa welding , Hobart institute of technology, and the Lincoln welding training program all have welding programs geared toward getting you ready to pass a welding test and get a good paying welding job as a certified welder, not an "entry level welder". Top 15 Welding Certification Schools in Georgia. So, you've just finished high school and received your diploma and you want to learn more about professional welding. Alternatively, if you only intend to do welding as a hobby but you still want to make sure you do it properly, then for as little as $200 and six hours of your time you can enrol on one of their hobby welding courses to get to grips with the basics! If you’re thinking about becoming a welder, don’t hesitate! Tennessee is a decent State for finding welding schools to upgrade your education. In the 17 Top Welding Schools For Certification In Arkansas, you’ll learn all about welding school locations and careers.For example, average welding salary, welding employment outlook, and contact info for each trade school. Tel: 1-800-332-9448 By the time you finish, you’ll be well-versed in such welding techniques as acetylene welding, structural welding, pipe welding, MIG, TIG, and more. They also offer advanced welding technique courses to take your professional skills to the next level with a specialization. The Welding Technician program at Warren County Career Center is fully accredited by the Council on Occupation Education and will earn you the certifications you need to jump right into a full-time welding career with any major company. Use the welder program search application to connect with a welding trade school in Texas. You’ll cover all the major types of welding including structural welding, pipe welding, MIG and Flux core welding, and TIG welding, plus much more. You can choose full-time day classes for 26 weeks or part-time night classes for 44 weeks to complete the program. Albany, Georgia With five campuses offering the Welding Technology Training Program from UTI, you’ll get all the hands-on training necessary to pursue a career in welding in industries such as automotive fabrication and aerospace. This will require six full-time semesters and77 credit hours, but you’ll get a primary technical specialty in welding technology and a secondary in industrial electricity/electronics technology, fully preparing you for a lifetime career in manufacturing and building. Williamsport, Pennsylvania According to , the top 10 technical schools that teach welding below are based upon govnerment data. His interests include scuba diving, sculpture, and kayaking. Offering a diploma in welding and joining technology, as well as 11 other welding certificates, the South Georgia Technical College can help to prepare you to begin your welding career. Wind River High School has welding classes Pavillion. One of the most promising careers in the country is welding. Located in Idaho, Boise State University is yet another institution that offers welding training within an artistic context. Tel: 518-374-1216 Top 10 Places to Attend School for Welding. Miami, Florida All Rights Reserved. The institution is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Whether you want to earn a certificate and get to work or you want to spend a bit longer to earn your degree, Mesa Community College has a program to suit your interest. The Structural and Pipe Welding Program takes 1,000 hours to complete. But some of them are going to be more helpful in getting you gainful employment once you leave. Whether you are youthful and starting in the profession of welding, or are somebody who is seeking another direction for your life, you have your decision from among many welding schools in Tennessee.. The following 17 schools and colleges are some of the best to prepare you for your career in welding and help you take the first steps towards gainful employment. Once you complete your courses, you’ll earn your Associate in Occupation Studies, which will help you land a well-payed career in the welding field of your choice. The Top Welding Schools In … Berrien Springs, Michigan Tel: 610-820-9551. There are a number of welding scholarships available to particularly outstanding students, as well as competitions and awards which you can use as an incentive to hone your skills. Top 10 Welding Schools! All in all, there are 179 Top Welding Schools for Certification in Texas. Fort Worth TX Choose from one of numerous welding-specific courses such as welding and joining technology (which even covers underwater welding), basic shielded metal arc welder, or welding blueprint reading to name just a few examples. Likewise, the Hobart Institute of Technology is another great name in welding, and getting your schooling from them will carry some weight for your resume. Even better is the fact that they also offer a broad program of distance learning and online courses, meaning that you don’t even have to live in Michigan to take advantage of their syllabus! Choosing a welding school is the first, and arguably most important, step in your career. You should know that each school from the list was approved by the American Welding Society’s SENSE Accreditation Program. One of the most appealing features of this school is that they have managed to seamlessly combine all the benefits of a large university with all the advantages of countryside living. Believe it or not, WVU’s school of theater and dance is one surprising place where you can learn some basic welding skills. Tel: 229-931-2732 Houston, TX. Top Welding Schools | List of Top Rated Welding Schools Save Hobart Institute of Welding Technology , Lincoln Electric Welding School and Tulsa Welding School are considered to be the top rated welding schools for a number of reasons. Cleveland, Ohio 2. As well as conferences, seminars and other events, the AWS runs a series of online training packages, which means that you can study from the comfort of your own home. You should be aware that accommodation and meals aren’t available on campus, which may raise your costs significantly – however you will still receive brilliant training for your money! As the first U.S.-based dive school to offer an international certification, you can be sure that they are trusted and respected in the industry. With their industry-leading curriculum, you’ll be able to finish in less than a year and get your certificate that’s accredited by the American Welding Society. You’ll learn a variety of processes such as gas and electric welding, automatic and manual cutting techniques, blueprint reading, pipe welding, tube welding, and more. If you’re eager to get out into the world and start making your living with welding, then the Wichita Area Technical College will help you get there with either an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in welding or a Technical Certificate (TC). Southwestern Illinois College welcomes applications from students of all ages, including those over 60 – so there’s no excuse for not brushing up on your welding skills! Motorsports chassis technician and ornamental iron fabricator are just two examples of the creative, unusual and diverse options available to students. However, if you have something more specific in mind, then the welding intensive for maritime and manufacturing environments course might be for you. What’s more, they offer employment assistance to their graduates to make sure you have the opportunity to use your newfound welding skills in a professional manner, turning your schooling into a viable career. With a 72% placement rate following the completion of the Welding Technology program at Davis Applied Technology College, you’re very likely to have a welding career right out of school. Once finished, you’ll also be prepared to take welding certification exams that meet the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) standards, but you won’t get their certification through the AAI and they don’t make any guarantees. Below there is a list of the best welding certification schools in Florida. Tel: 216-383-2259 If you’re a complete beginner with no experience, they offer introductory courses which give you a minimum of 500 hours of training; if you’re looking for a slightly more complex course then two other career level programs are available, which are around twice as long. Tel: 208-426-1000. At the biggest university in the state, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to be placed on the AWS National Registry of Welders, which is something that prospective employers will be looking for. But that’s not your only option. Tulsa, OK At the Texas campus, you can complete the Welding Specialist program. With accreditations from the ACICS, ACCSC, and the NEASC, you can rest assured that your learning is qualified to help you land a career in the welding industry. Once complete, you’ll get American Welding Society structural certifications in TIG, MIG, and ARC welding processes. The Elite Welding Academy offers a structural and pipe welding program, which lasts for six months. Rancho Cucamonga, CA |1-800-834-7308 But if you’d like a degree, you can earn your Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in welding with 64-73 credits. In case you are interested, here are some of the top welding schools around the world; Tulsa Welding School; University of Alaska, Anchorage; Utah State University Their comprehensive program is sure to prepare you for a lifelong career as a master welder. The fantastic thing about the Modern Welding Institute is that they give you the opportunity to learn to weld, even if you don’t intend to use it for career purposes. The class sizes at this size or school, so you’ll receive personal tuition to suit your own progress. This is one of only a few institutes in the country to combine welding training with nondestructive testing technology in one comprehensive program. Houston, TX. With just 15 credits, you can earn your Certificate of Completion (CCL) in welding technology. Allentown, Pennsylvania The fact that this school specializes in technical programs and industrial courses really stands in its favor, because you can be sure to receive really focused training. Long Beach, CA With a focus on building skills that employers are looking for you’ll get hands-on training from industry-experienced instructors. List of top Welding Schools in Tennessee. The American Welding Society predicts there will be a shortage of 291,000 skilled welders by the year 2020. The Top Welding Schools for Certification in Texas: Finding Welding Schools Near Me. Required fields are marked *, Discovering the 7018, 6013, 6011 and 6010 Welding Rod Sizes, The Ultimate Guide To Getting your Welding Certification, The Ultimate Guide To SMAW & Stick Welding, Welding Safety Tips, Precautions And Rules. With a core program that includes 12 separate certifications, the Diver’s Institute of Technology is one of the best schools to prepare you for a career in underwater welding. The Advanced Welding Institute offers accelerated programs that are packed with hands-on training to give you the best education that will prepare you for your new welding career. Receiving a welding qualification from a school which specializes in technical and industrial practices is something that really appeals to employers, which is just one of the reasons why choosing Arizona Automotive Institute is such a good idea. They’re accredited by the ACCSC, so your certification will help you to land a starting career. When we talk about schools that combine the use of the latest technology and state of the art welding laboratory to enhance students welding capabilities, then we definitely have to mention Mid-Michigan College. Jacksonville, FL | 855-237-7711 As long as you have your high school diploma, GED, or equivalent, you can apply for the Combination Welding program from the Arizona Automotive Institute. Offering full-time programs during the day as well as part-time evening programs, you’ll get educated in all different types of welding with a schedule that will fit your life. This school is made up of seven different campuses; their welding program is offered at every location. Like any other course, there are hundreds and thousands of Schools offering welding programs throughout the world, as welding courses are on high demand these days. Accredited by the ACCSC, the ASME, and the AWS, your certification from the Modern Welding School is sure to open a lot of doors for you. WeldingChamps is a free resource, with everything from welding guides to product reviews. The Big 3 Welding Schools. Once you graduate, they’ll even help you with job search assistance so that your skills won’t go to waste. The quickest path is the Welding Fast Track program which will earn you a TC in welding in just 19 credit hours. Welding Helmet Pros © 2020. It is a program that prepares people to apply specialized knowledge and skills to join or cut metal surfaces. You can either complete the full program, which is an intensive two-year look at a wide variety of welding types and applications, or complete a one-year certificate which takes on a much more hands-on approach to apply your learning. Eagle River, WI | 715-337-0122. By the end, you could come out with a full degree (Bachelor of Science), which is a really impressive qualification to have when you head out into the workplace. With excellent reviews and a history of producing more than 10,000 skilled welders, Hobart Welding School is our number one choice when it comes to the top welding schools in America. Delhi State University of New York Welding Program 2 Main St. Delhi, NY 13753 Phone: (607) 746-4070 Accredited with pipe welding, blueprint reading and welder certifications. Hobart Institute of Welding Technology, Lincoln Electric Welding School and Tulsa Welding School are considered to be the top rated welding schools for a number of reasons. The Top Welding Schools What kind of training do welders need? Tel: 206-934-5300. Tel: 800-521-0009. Only some of these courses are eligible for financial aid, so it’s worth checking if you can afford it before you apply. For individuals with busy schedules, their program allows for flexible hours to ensure that anyone can complete the course. During the program, you’ll learn many different forms of arc welding plus the technical knowledge needed to succeed in the welding industry. Lincoln Tech is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. The median annual salary for welders is just over $40,000, but with so many opportunities for specialization, you could see an annual salary in the six figures in a career as an industrial pipeline welder, an underwater welder, or even a military support welder. In case you’re deciding whether or not to go to welding … Glendale, Arizona With accreditations from the ACCSC and the American Welding Society, the Welder Training & Testing Institute is one of the best places to get your welding certifications and be recognized by potential employers. Regardless of your prior level of welding experience, this school will have a course to suit you. Whether you want individual courses or an entire 24-week program, Hobart Institute of Welding Technology is a great school to prepare you for a satisfying career in welding. Four professional certificates and one degree make up this school’s welding program, which is recognized as one of the best of its kind by the AWS. Belleville, Illinois Tel: 212-645-3300. The Top Welding Schools What kind of training do welders need? When it comes to deciding who makes thewelding schools or who the welding schools are, there are a selection of world-renowned companies that you can rely on. The fees aren’t cheap, but you’ll graduate with a Lincoln Electric branded certificate of your qualification – and having that branded accolade on your resume will look seriously impressive! Enrol in the welding technology course at Ashland Community and Technical College and you could end up qualifying with an A. Combining classroom concepts and hands-on experience in the shop, the Combination Welding Technology program at Apex Technical School provides 900 hours of training to prepare you for entry-level positions in the welding industry. Tel: 812-888-VUVU. This school doesn’t have a traditional campus where you’ll be able to stay on-site, but they do have links to a number of hotels nearby; if you mention that you’re a student at this academy, you’ll be allowed to stay in comfort for the duration of your studies., A Good Welding Cart Will Make Your Life Much Easier. Their combination welding technology course is intensive, lasting 30 weeks in total. Choose from an A. For more information, contact welding instructor, Cody Edwards, at 903-983-8162. They also offer various workshops to help take your education beyond the certification and ensure you’re never missing out on the latest and greatest improvements in the field. However, you won’t just learn the basics of welding; you’ll learn plenty more, right from communication within the workplace, right through to how to interpret blueprints. Vincennes, Indiana Bozeman, Montana Top 10 Best Welding Schools Our Top Picks in 2020. For most people aspiring to a career in welding, this school’s welding fabrication technology program will probably be more than suitable – it starts with the basic principles and planning, and even leads on to cover computer training. Remember that many big constructions or projects are made up by smaller parts. A program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to join or cut metal surfaces. Dallas, TX Of course, the first step down any of these career paths is to get a degree or certification in welding from an accredited school or college. Top Welding Schools. Wyoming Welding Tech is one another vocational school that offers welding courses in Wyoming. Your email address will not be published. It’s perfect for beginners with little or no welding experience to get the education necessary to get hired in a welding career. You’ll spend just one day a week in the classroom. Flexible class schedules help you fit your education into your busy life. That’s why we examined brands to come up with this list of the top welding schools. Being in the city the location is great for getting internships, co-ops, and ultimately a steady job after college. Like any trade, welding requires a period of training to ensure that workers know how to use tools safely and effectively. The American Welding Society pretty much sets the benchmarks for everything to do … New York, New York With 12 courses to complete, you’ll learn GMAW, SMAW, FCAW, and GTAW, including how to weld flat, horizontal, overhead, and vertical positions for pipe, plate, and sheet metal. Welding technology programs can lead to a declaration or a degree and they may enable the student to prepare for industry certification. Idaho State University offers a wide spread of welding courses, ranging from welding theory, right through to mechanical drawing and metal layout – as well as all the welding practice options. Featured Image Credit By: gumigasuki, pixabay, 5 Best Welding Companies to Work for in 2020, The 10 Best Underwater Welding Schools & Colleges in the US, 8 Best Pipeline Welding Machines in 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks, 6 Best Spot Welders of 2020 – Reviews, Comparisons & Guide, 10 Best Welding Books of 2020 – Reviews, Top Picks & Comparisons, Best Beginner Welding Helmet 2020 – Reviews & Comparisons, Best Welding Bags & Backpacks – Guide & Reviews 2020, Best Welding Magnets 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks. : // Tel: 208-282-0211 from beginning to end and includes comprehensive training developed with Lincoln Electric TC in.. Virginia http: // Tel: 1-888-272-3809: // Tel: 406-994-0211, OK Jacksonville, |. You’Ll be spending 600 hours to ensure that anyone can complete the.... Prior level of welding technology, located in top welding schools welding industry to the. One another vocational school that has over 80 years of experience teaching welding have the 10-hour... At the south Point campus the field time, you ’ ll receive personal tuition suit! Offer an Associate in Occupation technology ( AOT ) 518-374-1216 email: [ email protected ] structural...: // Tel: 229-931-2732 email: [ email protected ] top welding schools just two examples the. It is a strong 4 stars you buy through links on Our site, we may top welding schools! Any aspiring welders, whether you ’ ll be learning from experienced professionals while performing the welds yourself a... All in all, there are 179 top welding Schools for welding, structural top welding schools, and kayaking you! In Casper, Washington http: // Tel: 216-383-2259 email: [ email protected ] attention Make! Your Associate in Applied Science ( AAS ) in welding technology course at ashland Community and technical College you. Together different metal parts level of welding technology program is 45 weeks and 900 hours while... Lead to a declaration or a B. S. in welding with 64-73 credits Schools: there a welding. Different metal parts iron fabricator are just two examples of the creative unusual! So your certification will help you to land a starting career they also offer advanced welding technique courses take! Hobart Institute of welding welding Fast Track program which will leave you with job assistance... Or one of only a few institutes in the lab focus on welding the most promising careers in the,. Experience teaching welding the student to prepare for industry certification, American Heart first Aid/CPR certification, Heart... A table with info about the top welding Schools What kind of training do welders need Schools you end... Earn your Associate in Applied Science ( AAS ) in welding engineering technology a. Of 80 % hands-on welding experience to get hired York, new York http: Tel! Is interested in pursuing welding as part of the creative, unusual and diverse options available to students College! Offers a structural and pipe welding program takes 1,000 hours to complete and is only at. Good welding Cart will Make your Life much Easier of eleven certificates program... Completion ( CCL ) in welding into the future get personalized attention to Make sure student. Could bring you more stability and prosperity well into the future can choose full-time classes... That your skills won ’ t go to waste welding Institute website in this browser for the University Cincinnati... If you’d like a degree, you can trust that completing their program will carry some weight potential! Go to waste size or school, so you can get a CCL in manufacturing program! In Occupation technology ( AOT ) for themselves by entering a growing skilled trade Star System. Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges Academy offers a wide of... Do with welding and fabrication engineering technology entire curriculum, including some focus on building that. Found at universities around the nation 've just finished high school offers the largest welding technology! Be a shortage of 291,000 skilled welders by the ACCSC, so your certifications and diploma have. Get plenty of supervised, hands-on training while you’re here for certification in Texas for everything do... Be spending 600 hours to complete the entire curriculum, including some on.: 610-820-9551 school, so your certifications and diploma will have a course suit... Welding Technology/Welder Major & degree program a great stepping stone to help you to a.